Association - Presentation

    The idea of creating an association in order to open a dispensary is born after having met an old sick, poor and isolated person living in a village in India. He was called PEMA KALSANG.

    "Montagne du Bonheur" (Mountain of Happiness) is an association Law 1901.
    The date of creation is the 4th November 2004.
    The publication of Official Journal is the n° 2357403G of the 11th December, 2004.

    The aim of the association

    1. To help the people in need in India and Tibet like Tibetan, Indian or any other people, concerning health problems, education without distinction of race, sex, cast, religion or political obedience.
    2. To contribute to save cultural and local traditions.
    3. To give support to people or person whose Human Rights are held up to ridicule and to heighten public awareness and politics.
    4. To give any other kind of help needed if asked by the autochthonous.

    Method of work

    For the humanitarian actions in India and Tibet, each project is accepted by the local partners and answer to a demand. An exploratory mission is realised in vue to respect their demand, their culture, their tradition and way of living.

    A system of connection through the country concerned allows the local accountable to stay in contact with the association desk and give information about the possible working problems or urgent demands.
    Somebody from the bureau is in charge of the supervising of the starting project.

    Association's address

    MDA 14eme Montagne du Bonheur
    22 rue Deparcieux
    BP56 75014 Paris FRANCE

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